Shelving, Racking & Storage Solutions

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Survey & Install Service

Site Visits

For large complex area’s or if you are unsure of what is needed, we can arrange a site visit by one of our team members to survey and measure your space and give you recommendations.

Free Quote

On agreement of the proposals we will provide you with a comprehensive no obligation quote.


Most systems are easily assembled using the assembly instructions enclosed with your delivery.  These can also be viewed by downloading them from this site – click here to view.

However, we do also offer a professional installation of your chosen storage system, any size even for just one day. Please call us on 01268 763007 to discuss further.

Racking Inspections

Safety Inspection of your Racking & Shelving is a requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. In addition the inspection provides a safeguard for your fellow employee’s, the quality of your product or service and the integrity and maintenance of your storage equipment. The Safety Inspection also fulfils your obligations under the 1974 Act.

We have many years’ practical experience in the industry and are accomplished installers and repairers of all makes & types of shelving & racking systems.